Metal Work pneumaticsFounded 1976, Pneumax is today one of the leading manufacturers of European components for pneumatic automation. Sales and service is supported by a large qualified global sales network.


Pneumax CylindersFor more than a decade PROair Solutions have been stockists and suppliers of Pneumax automation systems and components. We have introduced Pneumax ISO valves into a number of Blue Chip companies through their various control and automation panel building projects.

We supply Pneumax systems to a number of companies and manufacturers producing food, chemicals, pharma, instrumentation, cigarettes, materials, automotive and rail to name a few.

An example of our Pneumax Valve prices for the competative ECO 2518 Series 484 & 488 :

ManufacturerModel NumberOperatorPort SizeVolatgeDescriptionPrice
Pneumax488.52.0.1.M115/2 way1/8″ BSP24VDC 3.5WSolenoid/spring valveCALL
Pneumax484.52.0.1.M115/2 way1/4″ BSP24VDC 3.5WSolenoid/spring valveCALL
Pneumax488.3.2.M113/2 way1/8″ BSP24VDC 3.5WSolenoid/spring valveCALL
Pneumax488.32.0.0.MB113/2 way1/4″ BSP24VDC 3.5WSolenoid/spring valveCALL
Pneumax488.52.0.0.M115/2 way1/8″ BSP24VDC 3.5WSolenoid/solenoid valveCALL
Pneumax484.52.0.0.M115/2 way1/4″ BSP24VDC 3.5WSolenoid/solenoid valveCALL
Pneumax488.32.0.0.M113/2 way1/8″ BSP24VDC 3.5WSolenoid/solenoid valveCALL
Pneumax484.32.0.0.MB113/2 way1/4″ BSP24VDC 3.5WSolenoid/solenoid valveCALL

Valve accessories, fittings, cylinders and filters, regulators and lubricators are all available.

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