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The Pneumatic suppliers are PROair Solutions Ltd UK had its roots in South Africa as Camozzi Pneumatics and their manufacturing division Dantech. Both companies were independent importers and national pneumatic suppliers of systems, while Dantech also manufactured pneumatic control panels, pneumatic machines, custom made cylinders and were designers of logic controls. This for a variety of machines using a wide and varied range of factory automation.

Some of the milestones over the years include:

  • The manufacture of custom rotary indexing tables
  • Manufacture of the Reversible Strip Feeder Program for the Defense Industry
  • Developing export winning ten ton pneumatic link system presses for the German market
  • Integration of time saving custom release controls for the rollers crushers in the wool industry
  • Supply of engine handling controls for the Automotive industries
  • Design and supply of packaging swing handling controls for national Breweries
  • Manufacture of 24 head drilling machine and logic control panels for automotive long trailer manufacturers
  • High pressure installations and compressor switch-over controls for the national Scandinavian Fire Departments
  • Racks of 24 X 2,000 litre cluster receiver banks with automatic change over controls for Scandinavian Off-Shore
  • Build of submersibles and recompression chambers for the Royal Danish Navy
  • Submersible scientific communication equipment for Greenland Exploration
  • Rail carriage dryer pneumatic panels and control systems for British Rail
  • Packaging machine controls for British cigarette industry

Through a major Danish International pneumatic distribution group the company introduced unique American valve systems throughout Europe and Scandinavia. These systems are today found in industries where conventional valves and controls are not the best solution.

PROair Solutions are sympathetic towards established manufacturers who are already locked into a specific pneumatic system, for this reason the company supplies a number of leading valve system brandsfittings and accessories to compliment and match whatever system is in use.

PROair Solutions have over many years established a good relationship with their many International manufacturing partners and other pneumatic suppliers, this has not only accumulated a broad range of pneumatic systems but also a wide and useful knowledge of what is available when supplying the correct solutions.

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