Pneucon pneumaticsPneucon have been leaders in logic controls for more than forty years. Pneucon have manufactured unique valves and control systems that have literily kept thousands of factories going in almost every field of manufacure. These light weight valves are made from Glass Noryl with M5 or 10/32″ ports sizes. These light weight modular packed spool valves are made to last indefinitely.

We supply the Pneucon interchangeable clip together valves as standard, off the shelf stock for all regular valve operations, 2, 3 & 4 way, pilot ports, Spring return, detent, n/o, n/c, closed and open centres, and more. Pneucon valves have the unique ability to allow you to alter existing valves, or build your own special application valve.

Pneucon ValvesA standard valve, special application valve or multivalve may be built from stock parts. The combination of several valves within a single valve body presents a magnitude of possibilities, several pilot ports ‘OR’ functions and other logic functions may be added to any single valve, as well as the wide range of operators these include, switches, mushroom, & push buttons, positional key locks, auxiliary pilots, amplifiers, fluidic actuators, low pressure actuators, impulse units, frequency generators, differential pressure sensors and a great deal more.

The unique Pneucon modular brick system alows you to build the valve you need. Building a valve or Multivalve could not be simpler, clip the body bricks together, add relvent spools, static seals & Tadpole seals and finger rings until you are satisfied with the valve, no tools required except maybe a coin.

ManufacturerModel NumberDescriptionPort Size (BSP/NPT)Price
PneuconB124CVPanel mounted check valveM5 10/32″CALL
PneuconB134SVPanel mounted shuttle valveM5 1032″CALL
PneuconB344SP3/2 way pilot spring valve N/CM5 10/32″CALL
PneuconB354DP3/2 way detent double/pilot valve NC/NOM5 10/32″CALL
PneuconB354DPS3/2 way double/pilot spring return NO/NCM5 10/32″CALL
PneuconB454E4/2 way detent double/pilot valveM5 10/32″CALL
PneuconB454ES4/2 way spring/returned valveM5 10/32″CALL
PneuconB474DP4/2 way detent double pilot (capable of 2 pressures)M5 10/32″CALL
PneuconB474 DP4/2 way detent double pilot Viton sealsM5 10/32″CALL
PneuconB474DPS4/2 way Spring/return D/pilotM5 10/32″CALL
PneuconB474DPOC4/3 way double /pilot Open/centerM5 10/32″CALL
PneuconB474 DPOC4/3 way D/pilot with CKCC closed/center kitM5 10/32″CALL
PneuconB474 DPOC4/3 way D/pilot Open center Viton sealsM5 10/32″CALL
PneuconB477DPXC4/3 way D/pilot Viton sealsM5 10/32″CALL

Pneucon’s Airboard a can be considered an air circuit board, providing an attractive, low-cost alternative to conventional pneumatic control systems. An Airboard consists of several machined acrylic plates, which have been bonded into a compact, virtually tamper-proof air unit. Pneucon valves, control devices, timers etc are tightly secured to the surface of the plate. The plates could also be milled in a number of materials including, stainless steel, steel, brass, etc. No other manufacturer can provide a more complex system in such a small package. We are also happy to build a special application valve quotes.

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