Metal Work

metal workMetalWork systems and components satisfies the most demanding requirements in pneumatic automation at competative prices. The clean cut design and top quality European pneumatic systems covers a wide range of valves, cylinders, fittings and accessories. Metalwork has branches in Italy and abroad whose internatinal staff compliment number more than 1000. Metalwork obtained ISO 9001 certification in 1992 and environment management system certification in 2000 in compliance with ISP1401.

MetalWork solenoid valvesPROair Solutions are stockists and suppliers of Metalwork ISO-VDMA Standard Cylinders and an exceptional Rodless Cylinder program. The factory manufactures a state of the art air management program that includes filters, regulators and lubricators in all sizes. The pneumatic valve accessories available include Slide valves, Foot pedals, whisker valves, push buttons, toggle switches etc.

An example of popular 70 Series Pneumatic Valves :

ManufacturerModel NumberCodePort SizeDescriptionPrice
MetalWorkSOV 33 SOS NO70200204001/4″3/2 solenoid/spring valveCALL
MetalWorkSOV 35 SOS OO70200211001/4″5/2 solenoid/spring valveCALL
MetalWorkSOV 35 SOB OO70200212001/4″5/2 solenoid/solenoid valveCALL
MetalWorkSOV 23 SOS NO70100204001/8″3/2 solenoid/spring valveCALL
MetalWorkSOV 25 SOS OO70100211001/4″5/2 solenoid/spring valveCALL

PROair Solutions supply the Metalwork range of Push-Fit fittings and introduce the new Linonline Push-Fit fittings with the ability to mix mounting, parallel, paneland wall mount.

MetalWork SystemDescriptionModel NumberFitting SizePrice
Linonline In-LineVisual Pressure Displays9067016 MAN L6mm-6mmCALL
Linonline In-LineSolenoid valves 24VDC9069016 SOV L NC 3/26mm-6mmCALL
Linonline In-LineQuick-Exhaust valves9063016 VSR L6mm-6mmCALL
Linonline In-LineNon Return/Check valves9064016 VNR L6mm-6mmCALL
Linonline In-LineShut-Off valves9065016 V2V L6mm-6mmCALL
Linonline In-LineFlow Micro Regulators9041316 RFL R U6mm-6mmCALL

Available in 6mm-6mm & 8mm-8mm also 1/8 to 3/8 BSP

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