Hose Guard

Hoseguard fuses provide safety in the work place

Safety devices for compressed air systems prevent accidents

The HoseGuard air fuse protects against the severe damage that can take place when a sudden break occurs in a compressed system or compressed air hose. In such cases, the air fuse automatically cuts off the pressure.


  • Hoseguard fusesProtects personnel, machinery and plant
  • Maintenance friendly – repair possible while plant is still operating
  • Economic: no unnecessary repairs
  • Complies with EU standard EN 983, § and ISO 4414
  • Competitive pricing
  • No adjustment necessary
  • Reliable and tamperproof
  • Light weight – compact size
  • Compatible with all pneumatic systems and can be used as a flow controller

The HoseGuard is made for use with clean, dry compressed air. The HoseGuard provides efficient protection for any pneumatic system by shutting of the inlet pressure. It also works as flow blocker: when excessive flow occurs, it automatically blocks the stream. If a break occurs, the HoseGuard immediately seals the system. The rest of the system remains pressurized, and no shutdown is necessary. When the damage has been repaired, a slow stream of air gradually fills the hose behind the HoseGuard. When the inlet pressure level is reached, the HoseGuard reopens and work can be resumed.

HoseGuard - it's about your safety

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