Camozzi Pneumatics

Camozzi pneumaticsCamozzi manufacture quality Italian pneumatic systems and export the systems to countries all around the world. PROair Solutions actually began 30 years ago as co-founders of Camozzi South Africa where the high quality and good service made Camozzi a leading system throughout the country.


Camozzi Solenoid ValvesCamozzi produce mechanical and solenoid valvescylinderspneumatic actuators, hydo-check units grippers, push-fit fittings, push-on and a wide selection of vacuum systems that include ejectors, suction pads, spring plungers and check valves. The general program also offers off the shelf and 24 hour custom made cylinders from mini 8mm to 320mm bore.

An example of the standard popular Camozzi Series 3 valves :

ManufacturerModel NumberPort SizeDescriptionVolatgePrice
CamozziZ348-015-021/8″3/2 way N/C Solenoid/spring valveSpecifyCALL
CamozziZ358-015-021/4″5/2 way N/C Solenoid/spring valveSpecifyCALL
CamozziZ434-015-221/4″3/2 way N/C Solenoid/spring valveSpecifyCALL
CamozziZ454-015-221/4″5/2 way N/C Solenoid/spring valveSpecifyCALL
CamozziZ454-011-221/4″5/2 way Solenoid/solenoid valveSpecifyCALL

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